About us


We are your local Panasonic professional. We carry all of the Panasonic Enhanced Communications Systems. Call us for a quote on the new NS1000, NCP, the TDE or the TDA50G communications systems. We also service your older version of TD products and the TA product line. Do you have a business with wireless, digital and IP needs? Then the Panasonic is for you.

Hosted VOIP:

We work with most hosted companies, but we offer the best Hosted VOIP products and services. Give us a call and we will show you why we offer the best in service and equipment.


We are the local dealer of choise for your long range wireless telephone needs. The EnGenius product line includes a long range wireless network components and the Duofon 1 and 4 line telephone. Call us with your needs and we have the solution.


We carry the Panasonic IP camera line for your video surveillance needs. Whether you need to keep your eye on a store room or your complete facility, we can design the right solution for you. The IP solution provides the accessability of remote veiwing, mobile veiwing, motion notification and with the a Panasonic communication system, viewing a camera upon phone call. We also can provide for you analog camera needs. Just give us a call.


We can cable and wire your office, home or business with any need you may have. Our list of types include CAT5e, Cat6, SM and MM fiber optic, video and any low voltage needs. Call us for a quote.